Frequently Asked Questions

The website mentions that you run the lodge “hut style” in the winter.  What does “hut style” mean?

During the winter, we do not have cleaning staff at the Lodge.  This is common in Mountain Huts around the state.  Like other mountain huts, guests bring their own bedding and towels for the shower and complete some important cabin chores before they leave to get the cabin ready for the next guest.  The $150 fee for cleaning and linen service is removed during this season.  There is also no trash service on Marble Quarry Road, so guests will need to pack out their trash.  

During the summer, however, we are able to have a cleaning staff that can transport the bedding back to their homes and washes the cabin laundry.  We do charge a mandatory $150 cleaning fee during the summer and provide bedding and bath towels.

When you say hut style, is it ski in? Or can we drive to it?

You can drive to the cabin year-round unless there is a major winter storm in the area.  The road is well maintained by the Marble Quarry.

What are the bed sizes and #’s for bringing linens?

We have 2 queen-sized beds, and 4 twins (2 sets of bunk beds).  We also have a full-size futon.

What about accessing the cabin in the winter?  Is the road plowed regularly? 

The road is plowed regularly by the Marble Quarry employees since the quarry is located at the top of our road.  We have contact with the guy who plows and can usually let you know in advance if they cannot plow for some reason (High Avalanche Danger, for example).  Typically, if you have a 4WD vehicle with decent tires, you should be fine going up the Quarry Road.  It is only .6 miles to the cabin on that road.  If the road closes, usually due to avalanche danger, we will give you a full refund for your trip.  We have also had groups park at the bottom of the Quarry Road when it was closed and skin or hike into the lodge.

How many miles to the nearest grocery/gas? 

It is about 30 miles, or 45 minutes to Carbondale, where the nearest grocery store and gas stations are.  There is a small general store in Red Stone as well as a very small selection of grocery items at the Marble Gallery in Marble.

Will the cleaning fee be eliminated during the winter?

During the winter and spring, from Thanksgiving through Memorial Day, we eliminate the cleaning fee.  Guests are required to bring their own bedding and complete some important cabin chores before they leave to get the cabin ready for the next guests.

Can I bring my trailer or ATV?

Yep! During the summer, there should be plenty of parking for your trailer.  There is a pullout across the street from our driveway that would hold a truck and trailer.  There is also room in the “turn around” part of our driveway, about midway down.  Take time to scout the driveway and make sure you feel comfortable turning your trailer around there before driving down.

What cooking supplies do you have in the kitchen?

3 saucepans/ lids, a steamer that fits the saucepan. 

2 sauté pans/ lids (medium & large) XL soup pot/ lid, 

 Large soup pot/ lid, 

Med soup pot/ lid

 13” cast iron skillet, 

10” non-stick skillet, 

12” non-stick skillet

 2 loaf pans, cake pan, 2 cookie sheets, pizza pan, muffin pan 

4 mixing bowls, 3 cutting boards, a colander 

10 large plates, 8 small plates, 10 bowls, 8 drinking glasses, 11 ceramic coffee cups

10 large plastic cups 


Salt, Pepper, honey, olive oil, and a few other spices.. 

Coffee supplies: 2 percolators, 1 french press

Grill supplies: tongs, spatula, brush, vegetable pan 

Utensils: Silverware for 10

knife set: 8 steak knives, a bread knife, a chef’s knife, a paring knife, etc. 

Ladle Tongs, Rubber spatulas, Large stirring spoon, Wooden spoon, Large Slotted spoon, Garlic press, Grater, Kitchen shears, Veggie peeler, Can opener, Corkscrew, Measuring cups

Could you tell me what your internet speeds are like? 

We have Hughes Net Satellite Internet and it works pretty well for a cabin in Marble, though it’s probably not as fast as what you are used to.  You can make internet calls, watch movies, and stream videos if the weather is nice.  But participating in a virtual meeting can be challenging as we find there is typically a 2-second delay.  Inclement weather can make the internet speed slow down temporarily.

Is there cell service in Marble, CO?

No, there is no cell service in Marble.  If you are coming from I-70, you will lose service after you go through Carbondale.

Is your cabin close to Crested Butte?  

As the crow flies, yes.  But it takes 2 hours to drive there from our cabin in the summer, and 4 hours in the winter.  There is a very rough 4WD trail from Marble to Crested Butte that makes the trip a little shorter, but we do NOT recommend anyone take that route.  It’s best suited for ATVs, as there are large boulders, ruts, narrow trails and dangerous drop-offs along that route.

How private is your cabin?  Are there any close neighboring houses that you can see from the cabin? 

The cabin is located on 52 acres of private land that borders a national forest.  It is perched high above Beaver Lake, and you can see other homes on the other side of the lake.  Otherwise, the cabin has a very private feel.  You can occasionally hear the Marble trucks as they roll down the road from the Quarry.

Do you allow hunting on your property?  What is hunting like?

We do allow hunting, but permission must be given in advance.  We have had several groups of hunters stay at our cabin in the past.  There are lot of elk and mule deer in the area.  There are also small populations of bighorn sheep and mountain goats.  There are two guiding services for the Marble Area: Avalanche Outfitters and Outwest Guides.  You probably already know this, but you’ll need to have the correct hunting licenses, so you’ll need to look into that.  The land is also really rugged and steep, and most of the hunting areas are accessed on foot and horseback, or ATV.  You’ll need to check with the U.S. Forest Service in Carbondale and the Colorado Division of Wildlife for more information on access and licenses.

What is the fishing like nearby?

The Crystal River that flows from just above Marble, through town, through Redstone until it joins the Roaring Fork River below Carbondale is a favorite spot for fly fishing.  There are brown, rainbow, cutthroat, and brook trout, as well as mountain whitefish.  The Colorado Division of Wildlife also stocks the river between Redstone and Marble with rainbows and cutthroat.  

There is good public access along Highway 133 between Hays Creek Falls and the Placita Trailhead, and again between the intersection of the Marble turnoff (County Road 3) and downstream about one mile.

There is an additional ½-mile of public access along the Marble Millsite park right in Marble itself, the Yule Creek Lodge is about 3/4 of a mile from that park.   For hikers and ATVs, the stretch between Crystal and Lead King Basin can be good for brook trout.   You can also hike down to Yule Creek from the lodge and try your luck there.  It’s about a half-mile down a trail that extends from the driveway.  (There is also an amazing view of Yule Creek Falls from a private trail on our property.  It’s about a 1/4 mile hike)

The cabin overlooks Beaver Lake (access is about a mile down the road) which is also great for lake fishing.  There is a wide dike on the western edge of the lake that is the kind of place where you can bring your tackle box, cooler, and umbrella and lounge around while watching your bobber.  Most people use bait or spinners on Beaver Lake, but fly fishing is also good in the evenings.   

Do we need a fishing license to access Beaver Lake?

Yes!  They have recently changed the law so that anyone who accesses Beaver Lake must have a fishing license, even if you are paddle boarding, kayaking, or just swimming.  You can purchase a fishing license here.

Would your property be available for a long-term rental?

We do not rent this property long term.  You can inquire about a month or two, but we don’t rent for longer than that. 

How long is the drive from the cabin to Aspen? 

The drive to Aspen from the Cabin is about an hour and a half, depending on road conditions.

How is the Lodge heated?

There is a propane fireplace in the Lodge that turns on with the flip of a switch.  It heats the cabin quickly.  The logs of the lodge insulate the lodge well, so once it’s warm, it stays warm for a long time.

If it snows a foot, is there snow removal, how bad will the drive to the place be? 

During the winter, there is a chance that the Quarry road will close due to avalanche danger if there is a lot of accumulation. We would offer a full refund if this is the case.  Some groups in the past have decided to skin or hike to the cabin, depending on the avalanche danger at the time.  During the spring and summer, the snow melts fairly quickly on the Quarry Road.  The road is usually plowed fairly quickly by the Marble Quarry.  The owners will reach out to you if they are aware of a closure on the Quarry road. Snow will make it difficult to get down the driveway.  If there is any snow, you should park at the top of the driveway in a pullout that holds two cars and walk down.

What about coffee?  Is there a coffee pot?  

There are couple of french presses and percolators at the cabin (regular coffee makers take a surprisingly big toll on the power).  There is even a stovetop espresso maker if you prefer that method. 

What would you recommend for hiking trails for families staying at the cabin?

There is a map on the kitchen table, under glass, where you can plan out some hikes.  But you will want to pick up your own map as well that you can bring with you.  You can probably buy one at Summit Canyon Outdoors in Glenwood Springs, Ragged Mountain in Carbondale, or even the Hub in Marble.

Yule Falls Hike– A super easy hike right at the lodge on our property. 

When you get to the lodge, you will see 2 buildings.   The lodge is the lower building.  The upper building is storage.  To hike to Yule Creek Falls, head up to the upper building and follow the trail in front of the building it will wind over toward the creek after a 1/4 mile or so.  The waterfall is straight down, so be super careful with kids and pets near the edge.  There is no railing or anything.  But the waterfall is really spectacular.  

Another Hike down to Yule Creek, or the bottom of Yule Falls –  You can hike down from our cabin on the 4-wheeler trail that goes off to the left of our driveway (if you were looking down the driveway) about half way down.  It is a mile long or so, winding down toward the lake.  This T’s into another 4-wheeler road that you can take a right on to walk to the bottom of Yule Creek Falls.  

Raspberry Creek Trail Loop-  You will pass this trailhead on the right about 1/4 mile before you reach the cabin on Marble Quarry Road.   This is a long 9 mile loop, but you can hike up as far as you want, and get some nice views.  Definitely bring a map if you are attempting to hike the loop.

This hike (like most other hikes in Marble) starts out steep, but gets more enjoyable after the first mile. You will be hiking up an avalanche chute that runs every winter from No Name Peak to the Crystal River. There were several Avalanches this winter, so I’m sure you’ll see the bent trees and debris left from those on this hike.

At 0.85 miles (9,124 ft) you will come to the trail intersection. Go right on the Raspberry Creek trail. The trail to the left, the Anthracite Pass trail, would be what you will go down, if you hike the entire loop.

The trail gets steep at 3.5 miles until you top out on a high ridge (11,200 ft.). If the trail gets faint you can follow game trails to the ridge.  Go left along the ridge to the top of Marble Peak (11,314-ft.) at 5.0 miles. From the top of the peak enjoy panoramic views of the Elk Mountains, including Snowmass Mountain and Capitol Peak to the northeast. Treasure Mountain rises to the east.

Follow the trail that descends steeply from Marble Peak to Anthracite Pass, dropping 1,000 feet in a little over a mile. Turn left at Anthracite Pass and descend the Anthracite Pass trail to the trailhead. Alternatively, you can drop down to the Yule Creek Trailhead. (See the Anthracite Pass trail for more information on the options for the return leg of this hike.)

Yule Creek Trailhead is located about 2 miles past the lodge on the Marble Quarry Road just before the actual Marble Quarry.   You can hike what I described above in reverse to get to the top of Marble Peak, by taking a right at the Anthracite Trail.  Or you can continue straight for 5 miles (from the Quarry Road) to Yule Pass.  This is also a very scenic hike that starts out super steep for the first mile or so.  You can find these trails on the kitchen map.

Some people hike to the town of Crystal, but I don’t recommend hiking there this time of year because of the ATV traffic.  But its about a 90 minute or so hike, you can find this on the map as well, its located on the other side of Beaver Lake.  If you do end up renting ATVs, and riding the Lead King Loop, there are some beautiful hikes there that you can access if you park your ATV and hike from the trail.  

For more information about local trails click here.

If you have access to a side by side, or 4 wheeler, you can take a trip out to the Crystal Mill and the town of Crystal.  You can purchase a map at the Marble Hub.  Check out Crystal River Jeep tours or RPS rentals to rent ATVs for that.  You can access some amazing hikes on the Lead King Loop from an ATV.

How far are you from the nearest place to ski?

We are an hour and 15 minutes from Sunlight Mountain in Glenwood, and then we are about an hour and half from Aspen/Snowmass ski area.

Do you allow outside fires, or do you have a firepit?

We do not allow open fires at the lodge. It’s just too risky with our recent fire activity. We do have a gas fireplace inside, and the deck is also really nice to hang out on even with no fire.

Is the other cabin structure above the lodge also available for rent?

As of now, that building is just storage. There’s been talk of renting it out in the future and maybe putting in a composting toilet as well as a kitchenette. But that is down the road.

What do we do with our trash?

Please know there is also no trash service on Marble Quarry Road, where the Lodge is located, so you will need to pack out your trash.   We also have access to a dumpster in the Integrated Mountain Plaza at 995 Cowen Drive in Carbondale that you are welcome to use.  The dumpsters are in the back of the parking lot.

During the Summer and Fall, our cleaner has offered a trash service for $10 for 3 bags of trash, and $10 for each bag after that.  Please let us know in advance if you want to schedule that service.

Can I bring my dog?

Yes, we charge a pet fee of $25 per dog.  There is a two dog maximum at the lodge.